Byron Bay, New South Wales
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A lot of visitors to the Great Barrier Reef are also drawn south of the border to the relaxed beachside town of Byron Bay, 175kms south of Brisbane. Situated on the north coast of New South Wales, Byron Bay is Australia’s most easterly point and has become a meca for tourists seeking an alternative style holiday.

There is a wide variety of accommodation in and around Byron Bay. Budget accommodation, luxury accommodation – plenty of places to stay and something to suit everybody. See a full list of over 200 Hotels in Byron Bay where you can check availability and compare pricing.

Byron Bay 4 Star Hotels

Ruskin House
Rated 4 stars

From $122

Blue Bliss
Rated 4 stars

From $149

Clique 3
Rated 4 stars

From $244

Rated 4 stars

From $264

Byron Bathers
Rated 4 stars

From $286

East On Byron
Rated 4 stars

From $287

Pacific Blue
Rated 4 stars

From $374

Clique 1
Rated 4 stars

From $381

Rated 4 stars

From $388

Rated 4 stars

From $393

A Top Spot
Rated 4 stars

From $400

Rated 4 stars

From $453

Cape Breeze
Rated 4 stars

From $537

Rooftop Byron
Rated 4 stars

From $613

Beach Suites
Rated 4 stars

From $619

Kaylani Cove
Rated 4 stars

From $686

Vue From Here
Rated 4 stars

From $1393

Byron Bay Budget Hotels

Arcadia House
Rated 3 stars

From $100

Byron Springs
Rated 3 stars

From $157

Garden Burees
Rated 3 stars

From $172

Ourmuli Cabin
Rated 3 stars

From $189

Little Geckos
Rated 3 stars

From $373

Tradewinds 3
Rated 3 stars

From $479

Kia Ora Byron
Rated 3 stars

From $617

She Shops 365

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