Brampton Island
A haven for romantic escapes.

Map of the Great Barrier Reef

Brampton Island is a large 770 hectare island surrounded by sparkling azure waters, twelve golden sandy beaches with seven idyllic beaches being easily accessible via walking trails, coral gardens and an array of walking and jogging tracks.

Located at the southern entrance of the world-renowned Whitsunday Island Passage, Brampton Island is 32 kilometres northeast of Mackay and 50 kilometres south of Hamilton Island.

Brampton Island Resort

The island itself is characterised by great variation of vegetation with sections of tropical rainforest, dramatic stands of hoop pine, and lush coastal mangroves. The beaches are isolated and delightful.

Just off shore is a diverse range of fringing reefs where you can discover an amazing array of marine life and soft and hard corals. Brampton Island is all about fun, romance, reward, adventure and pure escapism.

From the greens of the Island’s National Park, to the blues of the surrounding warm Whitsunday waters, Brampton Island is a perfect haven for couples in search of the ultimate romantic escape.

The passage in-between Brampton and Carlisle Islands is known as the “Fishbowl” and is a renowned snorkelling area, where reef sharks, turtles and a kaleidoscope of tropical fish can be witnessed.

Brampton Island Hiking

The magnificent and immaculately maintained 7-kilometer National Parks route that circumnavigates much of Brampton Island is the best walking track on the Great Barrier Reef islands.

Even the chronically unfit can complete it in a couple of hours because it is so expertly constructed and its gradients are so subtle that you can gaze across vast stretches of coastline one minute and be on a sandy beach the next. Of course, mooching and taking half a day is preferable.

It’s a track with a lot of twists and turns. Hoop pine forests give way to stunningly isolated beaches, azure seas surge along the island’s eastern coastal channel, driven by the island’s 3 metre tidal range, and the trail bends and turns, presenting surprising vistas steeped with tropical greens and blues.

Additional treks to the Cape Hillsborough Lookout, as well as Oak Bay and Dinghy Bay West, are available.

Brampton Peak is the island’s highest point and rises to 214 metres above sea level. The walk to Brampton Peak is steep in places, but panoramic views of the mainland and Carlisle Island’s steep forested slopes is the reward. Enjoy the tranquillity of nature and rest at one of the bench seats along the way. There are secluded picnic areas at Brampton’s Western Bay and Dinghy Bay West, all have picnic tables and a toilet.

Brampton Island Resort

Brampton Island Resort, once a thriving hotspot for travellers, is currently closed and abandoned.

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What Was Brampton Island Resort Like?

While Brampton Island Resort remains closed today, it was once the ideal haven for couples seeking a romantic escape. With fewer rooms than many of the resorts at the nearby Whitsunday Group of Islands, each affording spectacular views, and with no day trippers to interrupt the peace and solitude, you would undoubtedly find the relaxing holiday you’ve been searching for.

Brampton Island Resort as it looked

Before you knew it the shoes are off, the swimmers are on and you’re off to explore this tropical paradise. Brampton Island Resort had a rhythm of its own as there were all sorts of great activities to enjoy.

From fast and fun like water skiing, snorkelling, sailboarding, guided jet-ski tours, catamaran sailing, chip and putt golf, tennis, archery and fishing, to a slower, more leisurely beat – relaxing by the pool with a cocktail, indulging in a pampering massage, or just doing nothing at all.

Brampton Island Resort had its own health spa, The Sea Spa, set amongst tropical gardens to provide you with a peaceful escape. You could enjoy a selection of spa treatments that nurture the mind and restore the body.

Four grades of accommodation had views of either tropical gardens or the beach and ocean. All rooms were well-appointed with private bathrooms, as well as a patio or verandah.

As well of a host of activities and entertainment, the daily tariff also included all meals. Full buffet breakfast, smorgasbord lunch and three course table d’hote, themed buffet dinner (including the sensational seafood night) as well as regular beach barbeques are some of what was on offer.

Regular flights were available from all major Australian Capital cities to Brampton Island via Mackay. Helicopter flights from Mackay to the Island were also available. The flight between Mackay and Brampton took approximately 15 minutes.

Map of Brampton Island

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