Melbourne, Victoria
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Many visitors to the Great Barrier Reef, particularly international holiday-makers, also stop off at Melbourne, Australia’s southern gateway and capital of Victoria. Melbourne is renowned for its wonderful tourist attractions and amazing sights, but it also has a thriving arts scene, with dozens of cinemas, theatres, concert halls, museums and galleries.

Accommodation in Melbourne is available to suit any budget, from basic three-star hotels to opulent and luxurious five-star hotels and resorts. See a full list of over 750 Hotels in Melbourne where you can check availability and compare pricing.

Melbourne Luxury 5 Star Hotels and Resorts

Abode 316
Rated 5 stars

From $61

Royce Hotel
Rated 5 stars

From $100

Rated 5 stars

From $103

Melbourne 4 Star Hotels

Rated 4 stars

From $51

IMSA Group
Rated 4 stars

From $61

Rated 4 stars

From $77

Quest Kew
Rated 4 stars

From $81

Rated 4 stars

From $96

White Gates
Rated 4 stars

From $186

Casa Valeri
Rated 4 stars

From $196

Budget Hotels In Melbourne

Habitat HQ
Rated 3 stars

From $56

Glen Inn
Rated 3 stars

From $64

Rated 3 stars

From $139

She Shops 365

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