Haggerstone Island
A Robinson Crusoe style retreat.

Map of the Great Barrier Reef

Haggerstone Island is located on the Great Barrier Reef, about 600 kilometres north of Cairns alongside the rugged Cape York Peninsula. It is an exclusive island retreat where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and do as little or as much as you like.

Haggerstone Island North Queensland

A unique and special place, Haggerstone is a private island that caters for a small number of guests willing to explore and experience the surrounding wilderness. The Guesthouse is set in a small complex of tropical timber buildings, gardens, orchards and dams.

The island is teeming with fish and is surrounded by some of the most magnificent coral gardens in the world. Haggerstone Island also harbors a dense and varied bird population. Guests will be amazed by the marine life on Haggerstone.

experience Haggerstone Island

Exploring shipwrecks, beach combing for WW2 artifacts, kayaking, snorkelling and fishing are complemented by a superb yet simple mouth watering cuisine featuring all fresh natural foods.

The incredible remoteness of Haggerstone and the simplicity of island life ensures this is one of Australia’s most unforgettable experiences.

Two clear water lagoons just off Haggerstone’s beach put beautiful coral gardens right on your doorstep. Also close by they have discovered an 1840s shipwreck in a shallow reef garden.

The utter remoteness of the location ensures that the marine life is prolific. Adjacent to Haggerstone on the Outer Barrier Reef is one of the largest Green Turtle rookeries in the world, and turtles are abundant in the waters off Haggerstone.

Haggerstone Island has it all, miles of pristine white beaches, the perfect tropical climate, adventurous exploration, remoteness and isolation.

Haggerstone Island Guest House

Haggerstone Island Guest House has three hand crafted private guesthouses that look out upon the sea. Each includes a bathroom, kitchenette and sundeck. Two of the huts are self-contained and one is a more rustic hut with an outside shower and toilet.

Lagoon hut on Haggerstone Island

Each guest house can accommodate up to four people. They cater for just 6-8 guests at any one time. There is daily room and laundry service.

The main building is a spacious, native style open house. Its design is raw but functional. Sun bleached poles and open sides take advantage of cooling island breezes. The island is privately owned and can be rented on a whole-of-island basis.

Getting there

To visit Haggerstone you must first fly to Cairns, North Queensland. From there you will fly in a twin engine, six seat private charter to the near-by airstrip on neighboring Hicks Island. The two-hour flight travels up the largely uninhabited coastline and terrain of Cape York and winds up over the northern Great Barrier Reef. Transfer to Haggerstone by boat from Hicks Island is approximately 20 minutes.

The charter departs early in the morning so it is advisable to stay in Cairns the evening before. This will allow the plane to return with departing guests in time to reach afternoon flight connections.

Map of Haggerstone Island

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