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Famous for its eco-resorts, Cape Tribulation is among North Queensland’s most desirable holiday destinations. The township sits within the beautiful Daintree Rainforest, which is one of the world’s oldest, and seemingly untouched, pockets of tropical forests.

Cape Tribulation is the perfect place for a peaceful holiday retreat, as it boasts the best of both reef and rainforest environments. Cape Tribulation is home to many resorts and hotels, some of which are designed for upmarket travelers, while others accommodate budget visitors.

This makes the town an ideal spot to explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. Tours of the reef can be arranged with ease, making it possible to snorkel, dive, island-hop or even swim with sea turtles. The nearest Barrier Reef spots are about 15kms from Cape Tribulation.

Cape Tribulation and the Daintree have many great hotels and resorts, perfect of a romantic getaway, weekend escape or family vacation. See a full list of over a dozen Hotels in Cape Tribulation where you can check availability and compare pricing.

Cape Tribulation + Daintree Rainforest

The river that flows through the forest is inhabited by crocodiles, so swimming is not advised. Nevertheless, boat cruises certainly are! A great place to cool off is the Emmagen Creek swimming hole; just 15 minutes north of Cape Tribulation. For unrivaled views, head to the top of Mt Sorrow, which soars more than 850 metres above sea level.

If its rest and relaxation tourists are after, then visit Cape Tribulation Beach and Myall Beach, which are not only long and white, but also virtually deserted. Horse-riding along the beaches will delight, and four-wheel driving is available too. Don’t forget, the town is part of the tropics, where a smorgasbord of exotic fruits is always easy to find.

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There are plenty of things to experience on Great Barrier Reef.

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