Tully, Queensland
A sugar town in far north Queensland.

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Nestled upon a stunning river, upon the ever-busy Bruce Highway, Tully is a fascinating rural townships in Far North Queensland between Cairns and Townsville. It is one of Queensland’s most prosperous ‘sugar towns’, thanks to its sugar cane agriculture.

Tully, Australia

The town is popular with backpackers, who usually stop by for a working holiday experience, in the fruit packing industry. Hostels are in abundance, but there are also several higher-end hotels found within Tully.

In the harvesting period, sugar reigns supreme. The season lasts between May and November, so the Tully Sugar Mill becomes a busy landmark during these months.

Tours of the mill can be arranged, and provide an interesting insight into an otherwise hidden part of the town. There are also numerous things to see and do outside the downtown area.

Tully is arguably Australia’s wettest city, receiving more than 4,000 millimetres of rainfall annually.

All this precipitation makes the Tully River one of North Queensland’s most sought-after white-water-rafting spots. Grade Three and Grade Four category rapids are found here during the wet season, so rafters will certainly get their money’s worth.

white water rafters paddling through quiet section of Tully Gorge, North Queensland

The high rainfall has also led to the erection of the Golden Gumboot, which is a symbol for the town. This eight-metre-high boot is perfect for a memorable photo op.

The Tully Gorge region, which is only a 30 minute drive from the township, provides the backdrop for breathtaking bushwalks and nature trails. Tourists will also find the cascading Tully Falls much to their liking, as the 300-metre-drop is an awe-inspiring sight. The waterfall only shows its true colours during the wet season, becoming nothing more than a trickle in the drier months.

Tully is also not too far from Mission Beach, with views across to Bedarra Island and Dunk Island.

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