Noosa, Queensland
Hotels and accommodation beyond the reef.

Map of the Great Barrier Reef

Many visitors to the Great Barrier Reef stop over at Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast for a chance to experience the miles of pristine coastline and lush hinterland.

Sunshine Hotels

Accommodation at Noosa is available to suit any budget, from unpretentious three-star to opulent and luxurious five-star hotels. See the full list of Hotels at Noosa where you can check availability and compare pricing.

Noosa 4 Star Hotels

At The Sound
Rated 4 stars

From $108

Verano Resort
Rated 4 stars

From $167

Regatta Noosa
Rated 4 stars

From $180

Como Noosa
Rated 4 stars

From $200

Noosa Shores
Rated 4 stars

From $211

Emerald Noosa
Rated 4 stars

From $222

Weyba Quays
Rated 4 stars

From $241

Cove Point
Rated 4 stars

From $254

Rated 4 stars

From $274

Noosa Quays
Rated 4 stars

From $412

Netanya Noosa
Rated 4 stars

From $435

Rated 4 stars

From $511

La Mer 8
Rated 4 stars

From $2316

Budget Hotels In Noosa

Rated 3 stars

From $125

Rated 3 stars

From $127

Cayman Quays
Rated 3 stars

From $145

Naousa II
Rated 3 stars

From $155

Noosa Views
Rated 3 stars

From $167

Park Cove
Rated 3 stars

From $184

Tea Trees 4
Rated 3 stars

From $231

Rated 3 stars

From $310

Aqua Linea
Rated 3 stars

From $350

2115 Viridian
Rated 3 stars

From $565

Fairshore 38
Rated 3 stars

From $687

Fairshore 15
Rated 3 stars

From $787

She Shops 365

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