Penthouse on Bright Point 5503/146 Sooning St Nelly Bay QLD Nelly Bay, Queensland

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Experience a stay at the Penthouse on Bright Point , conveniently located in Nelly Bay, and you're not far from everything that is great about the Great Barrier Reef. From your space in Nelly Bay, experience an unforgettable escape in the iconic natural wonder of the Great Barrier Reef and beyond.

Staying at Penthouse on Bright Point is the perfect accommodation suitable for all types of travellers, from romantic couples, families, to those just needing to unwind and relax.

All within a range of this 5 star Nelly Bay accommodation include many of the great natural attractions that the reef is known for, including the stunning views, the islands, the reef, and popular experiences like snorkelling, scuba diving, exploring the reef from the air, the beaches and nature hikes.

Explore beyond Nelly Bay, or simply stay and relax and enjoy the amenities at Penthouse on Bright Point.

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Penthouse on Bright Point
Address: 5503/146 Sooning St Nelly Bay QLD Nelly Bay, Queensland
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The vibrant Penthouse on Bright Point offers a number of much appreciated facilities, and is a popular choice for visitors to Penthouse on Bright Point. Booking early is recommended, as Penthouse on Bright Point is quite popular, especially during Queensland's busy season.

Be sure to check rates online, view reviews and see more photos of Penthouse on Bright Point. Lock in a great price for your upcoming stay at Penthouse on Bright Point .

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There are plenty of things to experience on Great Barrier Reef.

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