Paronella Park, Queensland’s Fairytale Castle

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Paronella Park is a beautiful Queensland rainforest castle which was built out of love. Jose Paronella dreamt of building a castle in Spanish-style and he made it into a reality. This is one of the most popular heritage places and has received many tourism awards. It is a must-visit if you are travelling to Queensland.

Paronella Park

Where is Paronella Park located?

The Paronella Park is located at Mena Creek in North Queensland of Australia. This castle is situated on a spacious ground which is situated just beside the Mena Creek Falls. Besides the castle, the lush green tropical rainforest along with a tunnel and a suspension bridge have added to the beauty of this place.

You can easily reach here from the Mission Beach and it takes around 40 minutes via car. This place is also accessible from Cairns as it is located about 120 kilometers from there.

Why visit?

Almost after a century of its establishment, Paronella Park has become one of the most popular tourist spots in Queensland. About 500 to 600 people visit this place every day and enjoy the stunning beauty and architecture of the castle.

The beautiful tropical rainforest, the grand staircase and a cottage – everything is so dreamy about this heritage site. You can have the best experience visiting Paronella Park and enjoy it thoroughly.

Things to do in Paronella Park

Here are some of ways in which you can have a memorable Paronella Park experience. You can spend a day exploring the beautiful tropical area of Paronella Park in North Queensland. You can book a guided tour which will start from Cairns.

To start the day trip to Paronella Park, you have to start early in the morning. The entire guided tour will take about 8 hours to 9 hours. On the way to Paronella Park, you can enjoy some afternoon snacks or tea at the Etty Bay beach.

In this Paronella Park experience, you can discover the beauty, diversity and uniqueness of the tropical rainforests of Queensland. You need to buy tickets for entering into the Paronella Park. Make sure to take your time in exploring the entire area properly.

It takes about one or two hours to fully explore this place. The guide you will hire will tell you about all the history and amazing facts about this place. There are countless stories related to the Jose Paronella and his Paronella family.

Paronella Park in Queensland

Start to explore the main highlights of this place. As mentioned above, there are many things to look for. From the incredible architecture of the castle, beautiful tropical gardens, amazing bridges and wildlife to a museum and the first hydro-electric plant – there are many things to enjoy in this place.

The best part of this tour is that you can get some picturesque views from different angles. Don’t miss the chance to walk over the famous suspension bridge here. The museum located in the Paronella Park has some amazing stories to tell you about the past.

After fully exploring this area, you can watch the impressive and beautiful sound and light show that takes place in the evening. The Paronella Park looks even more stunning and captivating when the sun goes down and the darkness falls.

Paronella Park waterwall

If you want to fuel up in between the day tour, you can enjoy some scrumptious meat at the Café on the Deck which is located at Paronella Park. They serve some refreshing juices and smoothies as well as fresh foods.

Also, you can visit the Mena Creek Hotel which is located just 200 meters from the park for a perfect meal at the best price.

Exploring the park can be one of your best experiences while visiting Queensland. Being listed as one of the most popular heritage sites, this place really has a lot to offer to you.

Start by exploring this place in the day light and end your day’s tour by the beautiful light and show in the evening. This park has some stunning spots and amazing views that you can capture on your camera.

At the end of day, you will come back to your hotel with a heart filled with satisfaction and amazing memories.

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